Chances are that someone you care about is going to die in the next 2 years and it is going to affect you profoundly.

How prepared are you?

The topic of death and dying can evoke a range of emotions, including fear, sadness, discomfort and reflection. It is, after all, one of our most challenging yet pervasive experiences. Death is the one truly constant part of life. Even though it can be a difficult conversation, our research shows that bringing the topic into the open and talking about it more can help people access support and begin the road to acceptance.

Thinking back over the last 2 years (24 months), which of the following apply to your personal experiences with death and dying.
I have…

Base: All (n=1,025)

Now thinking about significant others in your life, friends, family and colleagues, please indicate if in the last 2 years (24 months), someone close to you has …

Base: All (n=1,025)