Men and women experience death and
end of life in different ways

Women have a lot more going on than men when experiencing death and dying. They think and talk about it more, feel it more and do more than men.  Men, of course, also suffer grief, however, they are more likely to reflect philosophically and are less likely to need or seek support.

This chart shows the topics Males and Females are most likely to talk about when it comes to end of life

“It was a traumatic and challenging time, with high emotion and high need for support from family, friends and services.  Losing someone, it left me alone and isolated. It’s nice to have comfort and closeness with another, when you lose someone you lose that closeness, comfort and connection you had. Not enough support is available.” (Female)


“I have accepted the death as it is part of life. Beforehand I had a well-balanced view and approach to death, so it did not severely affect me. It has reminded me to cherish life.”