with Death and Dying

Evolved and Alchemy continued with our award winning application of using AI powered conversations in surveys in our Private Thoughts initiative.  Over 1,000 Australians shared their deepest thoughts and feelings about death, dying and mortality.

We’ve included some of the key takeaways on this page and you can use the links below to see more detailed insights that are included in the report.

76% of Australians were confronted by the potential, impending or actual death of someone close to them in the last two years.

The topic of death and dying can evoke a range of emotions, including fear, sadness, discomfort and reflection. It is, after all, one of our most challenging yet pervasive experiences. Death is the one truly constant part of life. Even though it can be a difficult conversation, our research shows that bringing the topic into the open and talking about it more can help people access support and begin the road to acceptance.

In collaboration with The Violet Initiative, we undertook a survey asking people about their end of life and grief experiences.
The Violet Initiative can be contacted at info@violet.org.au

53% of Australians have faced their own mortality in the last two years – if this happened to you, how would you feel? What would you do?

We all have to face our mortality, but have you ever spoken to someone about it?  Our research tells us that many people do not know how to talk about death and dying.

It also highlighted the tremendous cost that experiences with death and dying has on all of us with a key factor being the lack of awareness of support resources that are available.

About the Study


Through a combination of quantitative (traditional survey) and qualitative (Conversational AI chatbot) research, this third edition of Private Thoughts addresses one of the most avoided and difficult topics of all – death and dying.  We explored:

  • Experiences with death for self and others, closeness of the dying or deceased person, death preceded by illness, acceptance of death
  • The impact of death experiences
  • Attitudes towards death
  • How people experience death and dying, including those working in an occupation where they are exposed to death
  • The level of support available and the experience of support resources

The study was undertaken in November 2022 and n=1,025 people responded.

Help and Resources

This research shows that bringing the topic of death and dying into the open and talking about it more, can help people access support and begin the road to acceptance. Below we’ve listed a number of Australian organisations offer excellent resources for those who need help.