Attitudes towards gut health

Gut health is a topic that many Australians don’t feel comfortable talking about with others. On behalf of The Gut Foundation, we, in partnership with The Brand Agency, embarked on a comprehensive project to investigate Australians’ perspectives and attitudes towards gut health issues.
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What did we ask?


Through a combination of quantitative (traditional survey) and qualitative (Conversational AI chatbot) research, this edition of Private Thoughts explores:

Key topics explored were as follows:

  • Confidence in discussing gut health with others – why it matters
  • Awareness of public health organisations including The Gut Foundation
  • Free exploration of gut health using Conversational AI
  • Key medical and health associations with gut health
  • Comfort discussion the concept with others
  • Rating of how much people care for their gut compared to skin and heart

The data for this report was collected in January 2023 using the Evolved Thinking Omnibus survey. This is a nationally representative survey of 1,000 Australians a month. The report was prepared for The Gut Foundation and The Brand Agency as a not for profit initiative, by The Evolved Group and Alchemy Insights.

What did we find out?

Key findings

This research revealed that public understanding of gut health and why it matters is quite low among Australians, but that most are ready to discuss gut health with their GP. The issues that have strongest place in the public mind are smoking, mental health and immunization. Overall, these results show that there are a range of gut health issues, which are important to public health, of which many Australians are not familiar.

What did people disclose to EVE, our Conversational AI chatbot, about their gut health?

Help and Resources

The Gut Foundation works with researchers and health professionals all over Australia to build awareness, better community understanding, educate, improve screening for digestive diseases, improve standards in practice and research, and to engage in and encourage scientific research in relation to digestive disease.

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