Sex is important, so why don’t we talk about it more?

Talking about sex can raise feelings of shame, embarrassment, inadequacy and a fear of being looked upon differently. We set out to bring into the open how Australians really feel about sex and how this impacts sexual behaviour.

What did we ask?


Through a combination of quantitative (traditional survey) and qualitative (Conversational AI chatbot) research, the first edition of Private Thoughts explores:
  • Feelings about sex, sexual frequency, fulfilment, communication, energy and confidence
  • Sexual behaviours such as use of condoms and contraceptives, masturbation, same sex activity, orgasms, casual sex and pornography
  • Sexual fulfilment and use of sex toys
  • The study was undertaken in August 2021 and 926 people responded

What did we find out?

Key findings

The chat bot conversations helped us understand why people feel the way they do about sex

Possibly the most important takeaway from this research has been that there is a wide and diverse array of sexual activities within the spectrum of ‘normal.’ Although we don’t tend to talk about sex with people we are not intimate with (and sometimes not even then), sex is a stimulating, interesting and important part of life.

How much were people willing to disclose to EVE, our Conversational AI chatbot?

Help and Resources

This research has identified some important opportunities to increase the sexual wellbeing of Australians. Below we’ve listed a number of Australian Sexual Health organisations as resources.

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